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20 Jan

Liverpool v Chelsea

I am NOT a Liverpool fan, but this was a great result!. I really want Liverpool to come back as a real force in football, so when Arsenal beats them, it tastes sooo much sweeter.

The reason I realllllllly like this result,is the fact it is putting pressure on Chelsea. I have no problem againest Chelsea as a club, I just don’t agree with their policy of buying players because they have and endless supply of money. As much as I like Shaun Wright-Phillips, who else would have payed that much money to have him, at best, on the bench? The money sloshing around Stamford Bridge is potentially the end of the modern era. Money has always played a big part at the top end of the league, but each club knew their financial limits and only payed what they could afford. The collapse of Leeds has only reinforced the prudent buying. Having a billionaire owner who can throw hundreds of millions at the club and still not expect a return is distorting the game. I hope the impending Liverpool deal does not mark the begining of a billionaire game of Football Manager with the Premiership, because it won’t last. When that bubble busts, the wage burdens of clubs would be unbearable, and could lead to several high profile clubs going under.

As nice as the Sky money is, it is helping to stoke the fire. Talk of the new TV deal suggests that the bottom club next year could earn the same sum as Chelsea did last year. The disparity between the divisions is growing to big, we need to support the lower divisions.

The Liverpool result shows that massive spending does not guarantee all out success (though Liverpool have spent a tidy sum, it is still within their means).

As much as it pains me to say this, I do want Man United to win the league because it seems they are the only club who can deny Chelsea this year. So this leaves me feeling very ackward about the match on Sunday….

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