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14 Feb

Moodle upgrade…

I have spent several hours trying to upgrade a moodle server. I tried out the latest stable branch as a clean install on my laptop, fine, no problems. This led me to perform an upgrade on one of my hosted sites. The install seemed fine until it started the post install config. As the tables were being created, it seemed to freeze as it was creating the wiki tables.

Trying to kickstart the install by refreshing the page gave an error saying that an install session is already in progress. This error could be bypassed but I then got custom error pages served up by my server. The problem lies in admin/index.php but I am getting none the wiser for where it is, as the custom error pages don’t provide any specific warnings.

When you try the home install, at least you can dig around the logs to look for clues. So I tried the next most recent version branch. No luck. I even tried dumping an sql export from the successfull latop install. This also failed.

In the end, I have had to settle for 1.6.3 for the time being, as this seems to be the highest version I can run error-free.  I don’t know whether I can convince my work place to install moodle on a PC at work.  This would have to involve the IT department and might be more trouble than its worth

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