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03 Mar

Loss of sound…and then some…..

I have currently lost sound on my ubuntu system (6.10) and I am trying various things to fix it. A quick google suggests several people are having problems but possibly due to different causes.

I found this thread which in turn lead me to this thread. So I deleted the file and started amarok, went through the config process… and failure. It just hung. I then tried a reinstall of amarok and added extra engines, maybe a non-xine engine will work.

After scratching my head for ages, I decide to cut my losses and reinstall…..which made things worse!  It seems the edgy disc I had contains a bug that refuses to accept that a partition has been selected as / via the graphical installer.

So I had to install via the text installer and then found a corruption somewhere.  With my meagre knowledge, it was back to basics and reinstall.

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