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11 Mar

molecule screensaver

Been using this screensaver for a while now.  Decided to change the config to use a directory of my choosing containing pdb files.  A quick google didn’t yeild answers so I decided to have a little fiddle.

I used synaptic to add some extra screensaver stuff to see if I could get at the settings for molecule.  I found that “xscreensaver” at the command line produces a GUI for settings.  It seems that this program writes the config to a different address than what is used for molecule, as whatever changes I made within xscreensaver wasn’t seen when molecule was run.

Searching for any files containing molecule and I found two files of interest, molecule.desktop and molecule.xml.  Having a play with the xml file didn’t appear to change the behaviour of molecule.  Changing molecule.desktop did though.

The entry I changed was Exec=molecule -root

I changed it to Exec=molecule -root -molecule /home/my_user_name/pdb/

I downloaded a load of pdb’s and at the moment I am in the process of correctly naming them.

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