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30 Apr

Youtube embedded in firefox

I seem to be having problems putting youtube clips on the site. It all started after talking to Jono about a recent rude word on Countdown. A quick look on youtube failed to find this particular episode but plenty more. So I started to embed these clips but these seem to be behaving oddly in […]

30 Apr

People say the strangest things

Found this link on stumble. It is surprising what people say. Though the site is aimed at americans, anyone can make these kind of mistakes…doesn’t stop them being funny though!

29 Apr

Sing it for you!

This site lets you type in a phrase and then finds bits of songs where these words are used and splices it all together.

29 Apr

Mark Kermode

I listen to Mark Kermode Film Podcast and he has a thing about Little man. It seems that this has caught on.

23 Apr

Things I can do in linux…

This guy has it right (And he can say so much better than me)

23 Apr

Maze game

I find this game and it’s bloody HARD!!!!! (Well it is for me….)

21 Apr

Feisty Update

So far I have found two problems.  The first IS connected to feisty and is concerned with passwords.  I think the md5 lib file was updated.  I have a change of web databases I play with and the logins now longer work.  I use php and the password=PASSWORD(‘$password’) to check they match and this seems […]

21 Apr

Flash film

This is quite a nice little flash clip:

21 Apr

Arsenal troubles

Arsenal are having a few problems at the moment. It all started in Feb when a deal was struck with an american called Stan Kroenke, about a link up. This started talk of a take over. Things started to come to head when a stake was bought in the club, as ITV sold their stake […]

21 Apr

Feisty is released!

I have upgraded my main desktop and laptop to Feisty Fawn. There are good articles around about what to do post install and if you use beryl, the beryl user guide will be useful. It is taking some time to get around the new desktop but the beryl eye candy is great.

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