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14 Apr

Petes’ Dragon

After a night shift, I came home, made some breakfast and plonked myself in front the tele.  I was somewhat surprised, and happy,  to find Petes Dragon just starting.

The thing I found quite strange was the change in attitudes since the film.  There was this red haired child wandering about with just a dragon to look after him and no hint of concern from any adults who bumped into him.  It must have been about 30 minutes before some one asked him where his parents where.  Is this because he is a ginger?

I also found a good tip in the film.  As usual in such films, a drunk person sees the surprising object, in this case the dragon.  It seems that the best way to then sober up is to perform a song and dance routine about whatever you saw.  You must sober up really quickly as this guy appeared to have complete control over legs, something which I wouldn’t be able to do if I had half as much to drink as he had.

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