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21 Apr

Arsenal troubles

Arsenal are having a few problems at the moment. It all started in Feb when a deal was struck with an american called Stan Kroenke, about a link up. This started talk of a take over. Things started to come to head when a stake was bought in the club, as ITV sold their stake in the club. This lead to speculation that this was a prelude to a takeover. The club said that they did not want a buy out. It seems that not all board members are against such a move, David Dein resigned from the board. No firm details have made public.

Dein has done great things for the club, getting Wenger for a start. It is really sad to see him go due to differences with the board. Speculation has mounted that Wenger might leave. He has come out and said that he is staying. But he has yet to sign a contract post 2008. The fact he hasn’t signed isn’t in its self a worrying sign as he is the kind of person to wait until the end and then sign, not to screw the club bur because he has complete confidence in the club that it won’t take long to sort out a contract. Now that one of main reasons he had complete confidence in the club has gone I do wonder whether he will won’t to coach at Arsenal post 2008.

Now that Kroenke has has increased his stake, takeover talk will only continue.

Off the field, the mens team will end the season without a trophy but at least the womens team are doing great.

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