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21 Apr

Feisty Update

So far I have found two problems.  The first IS connected to feisty and is concerned with passwords.  I think the md5 lib file was updated.  I have a change of web databases I play with and the logins now longer work.  I use php and the password=PASSWORD(‘$password’) to check they match and this seems to no longer work.  I will update as to a solution.

The second may be connected to beryl.  Since using beryl, I have two “crashes”.  I don’t know if beryl was the cause as a similar crash happened prior to upgrade.  The first post upgrade crash happened during switching between a terminal and the desktop, using ctrl-alt-F4 and ctrl-alt-F7.  The system was slow in rendering the desktop on return.  Then the system refused to bring up a terminal on the desktop, just a white rectangle.  Then system froze.  I reboot via ssh from my laptop.  The second crash was various programs acting oddly e.g. folder contents scrolling without any user input.

More updates as and when.

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