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01 Oct

Cadbury advert

Now this advert is ggggrrrrrreat! But I have no idea why! Unlike the vodafone advert which is also a great concept, though I hate the connection with a mobile phone, I don’t mind the connection to chocolate. It may that the vodafone advert is trying to be aspirational with the breaking theme, whereas the Cadbury advert is giving you a great 90 seconds and getting the reflected glow from that rather than trying to tie the advert to the product. Think of the Tango adverts and you end up thinking more about the oddness of the advert rather than the actual product. Admittedly the Tango adverts did have a taste sensation to the oddness but each advert boosted the brand more than the actual Tango drink within the advert. Think about it, which advert would no longer work if one element was changed, the classic orange advert would work just the same if he was green. The apple seduction advert would work with any can on the pillow.

Anyway, well done Cadbury! I hope you continue to show the full length version rather than the trimmed one.

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