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23 Oct


As the upgrade to Gutsy was so successful and I have Compiz working fine on my main PC, I thought I would give it a go on my laptop….. Lots of huffing and puffing with the various options and not a glint of cube goodness… Seems that I have a fairly poor driver loaded and thats why Compiz won’t work.  So a quick google led me to Envy.  So I tried that….. and destroyed my xorg config file.  On reboot, I was dumped at the command line and given the suggestion to download a certain config file…..but the network was not working now!!!

More huffing and puffing and then I realised that the reason the wireless network wasn’t working was that I hadn’t entered a password. But I was unsure how to enter this password at the command line so I plugged the ethernet cable and tried so more……. More failure but at least I am now getting a viable xorg config.  Seems the work on the more robust xorg settings is working.

Thing is, I have now fixed my problem but am unsure as to what I have exactly done.  Each time I made a change and tested the settings, they worked but they did not seemed to then get saved.  I think my problem was with the Vesa driver.

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