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14 Nov

Nokia 6500 Classic ad

This ad troubles me. Not in “I’m scared!!” kind of trouble but what were the ad agency thinking! The premise of the ad is that a phone is handed in, an announcement is made that this phone has been handed in and LOADS of people come to collect it.

Problem 1. If the phone is SO good, why was actually handed in??!!!? Surely the person who found such a desirable phone would have kept it. On the one hand this ad is saying people will honestly hand the phone in to lost property AND also dishonestly claim the phone.

Problem 2. If the phone is so good, how come someone has lost it? If the phone is so good, you would be a bit more careful with it.

Surely a better version would have been having a distraught person, possible in a hospital, crying on a step or something. A stranger comes to comfort the person and finds the person isn’t grieving over a person but a phone. Queue indignation, then the person asks what phone was it that caused such a response, the nokia 6500 classic, then the stranger start crying in sympathy. Ad finishes with another stranger asking the two people the exact same question as the stranger first asked.

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