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06 Apr

Good and bad

I was recently reading Linux Format, which had an article about Google donating a shed load of money to get Photoshop to work on linux using the wine project.  If you have heard, it seems a few sites have something to say.

This got me wondering.  Google has done a lot of good things but has got some flak for starting to do some bad things.  How much good does Google need to do to overcome these evils?  The thought that struck me wasn’t that Google is inherently good or bad, but how much would Microsoft have to do in order to get a positive glow?  Microsoft has done some very BAD things to linux and other companies, would a few lavish Summer of code type events been enough?  I would expect, at least, massive doses of humble pie and much back peddling from Steve Ballmer.

Also, is this approach to wine a good or bad thing?  I can see it as a possible good thing.  A company using wine to test the water before depolying resources to do a native conversion.  There is no point in the company setting up a whole cross platform strategy when only windows users are interested in your product.  A can see a big hurdle for some software though.  As linux has grown without the commercial sector supplying products, the community has developed their own alternatives e.g. k3b.  Who would pay for a Nero etc when you can get k3b at no cost?

My mind does wonder when I walk and read….

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