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03 Jun

Zombie onslaught

I recently had the good fortune to catch up with some of my friends and the conversation slowly turned towards my plans for the inevitable zombie onslaught….  Well, I felt rather red faced as I hadn’t much of a plan.  It seems that I have swallowed the government propaganda proclaiming that zombies are not a REAL problem.  After being confronted by my stupidity, I began to formulate a quick plan…..

I concluded that there is no sufviving the zombie onslaught and therefore planned around protecting my family from becoming zombies.  Wife and child, fine, not a problem.  But how do I remove my own head?  At this point, my friends were a bit shocked by my defeatist attitude, but they have had longer to adjust than me.

I won’t tell what there plan is, I don’t want to jepordise their chances of pulling it off but it looks like a good idea.  Unlike some of the suggestions we talked about, their idea had security and sustainability, the two fundamental ingredients to saving humanity.

Please feel free to give my any pointers whilst I await my of the zombie survival handbook…

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