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15 Nov

KitKat Senses

I think this advert is wrong is a simple level.  All adverts ask us to suspend belief to a certain extent but this advert asks us to stretch things a bit too far.  I am willing to accept that people put the world on hold when they have their KitKat.  It is another thing to expect all those camera men to suddenly stop taking pictures just because she has stopped to have her KitKat.  Why couldn’t she have just stayed in the dressing room?  I expect that the agencey who pitched the idea might have said that the effect of KitKat is so strong that even the camera men accept the KitKat moment.  Utter rubbish!  If someone is eating a chocolate bar, we might be jealous.  We wouldn’t just stop and go “Ah, bless!”  I think the advert would still work in the dressing room.

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