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25 Feb


Watched push this afternoon. Thought I would let know about the film and the trailers.  First up trailer wise was Race to Witch Mountain.  Not a intellectual film but could be a good family film.  Next was Traitor.  This is more interesting, its about an undercover agent in a terrorist cell.  Has he gone rogue or is he still doing his job? Third trailer was for Knowing.  This trailer does divide me.  It could be a good mystery or a slightly rubbish Cage film like Next… They saved the best for last…. Star Trek!!!!  Not much given away in the trailer but I am looking forward to this!!!!

Push is similar in substance to Heroes.  People with special powers doing stuff.  I won’t say anything about the film plot, you can go to IMDB for that.  I will say the setting in Hong Kong was really good.  It captured some of the feel of the real Hong Kong, far from the tourist trail.

I did enjoy the film and will watch again.

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