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26 Oct

Filing my CUPS bug

I tried to file a bug report on my CUPS problem today.  And failed to find the page after looking for thirty minutes.  As one of the major points of launchpad is bugs, I expected the link to submit a bug to be to find. No. Even when I went to the CUPS section I couldn’t find a Submit a Bug link.

In the help section it seems you have to type a URL including the package name and source.  I tired this and got a page not found response.

I understand the importance of bug reporting, I really do. But I can’t afford to waste 30 minutes of effort to find something which should be easy to find.  The bug report would have only been a few lines long but it is probably going to be filed now as I can’t find where to submit it.

This is a real shame.  After several years of using linux, I finally made the conversion from duel booting to 100% linux.  I got a problem and thought about actually fixing the problem rather than just re-installing.  So I asked for help on the forums.  No joy.  So I had to re-install.  If I have to re-install after a problem, why leave windows?

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