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03 Jan

Politics in 2012

This year is going to be an interesting year in politics. The Republican party is currently camped in Iowa for the first caucuse. The ongoing Euro crisis still has no sign of ending. The austerity drive in the UK is really biting everywhere.

The Republican race is too early to judge who will go on to challenge President Obama. I think the big question the Republican party need to find an answer to is who should they appeal to? The Tea party seems to have a strangle hold over policy discussion in the Republican party. The stance of the Tea party risks alienating the rest of electorate. They need to find the common ground between appealing the large sections of the country without selling out their core vote. US politics tends to descend to issues where there is no middle ground. Abortion is always highlighted as one of these areas but you can also place Israel in this category. Presidential candidates are either pro Israel or seen as being soft on national security.

In Europe, I can’t see anything but pain in the next 12 months. I do expect Greece or another country to exit the Euro. The main reason for this is that I don’t think the tax payers of Europe are going to indefinitely dip into their own pockets to solve other peoples problems, especially when their own circumstances are fraught.

In the UK, I think the ongoing claim that the private sector will fill the gap in the jobs market due to public sector when have to be retracted as it is increasing looking stupid in the ever increasing unemployment figures.

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