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02 Feb

What to expect when you’re expecting

Watched this film last night. Loads of people from other films are in but not something I would call an All star cast though. With this kind of cast, I expect people to play around with their image. For example the way Jennifer Anniston played against type in Horrible Bosses or Tom CruiseTom Cruise in Tropic ThunderTropic Thunder.

The nuts and bolts of the film are various couples going through the process of having a baby. Lets face it, considering the title of the film, this isn’t really a spoiler. How this works out tends to be a bit predictable. It’s almost like the writer was thinking what are the different ways someone might have a child and gave each route to a couple e.g. planned, unplanned, adoption etc. This does make the plot a little Bingo like. Looking at the title sequence, it seems the film is based on a book so I don’t know if the predictable is taken straight from the book or is a result of the adaptation.

Overall, the film wasn’t rubbish but is certainly nothing I intend to watch again. Mediocre is about the best I can say about the film. My wife certainly enjoyed it more than I did but even she finds it hard to justify watching again unless it just happens to be on TV.

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