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03 Feb

The Other Guys

At a loss to watch, we decided to watch The Other Guys. We watched Blades of Glory and enjoyed its silliness. As my wife mentioned she likes Will Ferrell, I thought this film might go down quite well.

The film is about the not so successful cops. The two cops in question are not quite hero material, one came from the police accounting department and the other made a very big, public mistake. The film seemed to have a set up that could work, the mismatch cop partnership. Somehow the film never really got out of first gear. I can’t deny that I deny laugh, quite a few times but not nearly enough to say this was a good film.

The film did seem to drag on and when I checked to see how much we had watched, we were only 1 hour into the film. Not a great sign. My wife and I couldn’t pin down why this film was so flat. I think the problem might lie in Lethal Weapon series of films. This film managed to be action and with the occasional funny line. The later films cranked up the laughs and kept the action. The dark elements of the first film were toned down though. This may have created a different expectation for a comedy like The Other Guys. It needed to be far funnier than an action film to be considered a comedy. The seems unsure of whether it wanted to be, as the action elements are there, but without any tension, and the laughs are there but not enough.

This was a bit of a disappointment of a film.

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