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06 Feb

The Girl Next Door

After a variety of recent films, I suggested we watch a thriller next and my wife picked this film. Hmmmm.

This film is awful, truly awful. But it isn’t a bad film. I don’t know what words to use to describe this film. This film unsettled me far more than Kill List. I suppose Kill List unsettled me due to the ending, whereas with this, I felt repulsed for so much more of the film. It unsettled my wife for several days after.

The film deals with two sisters going to stay with an aunt who then proceeds to abuse the two children. We both knew what the film was going to be about but were still surprised by what we saw. Initially we were thrown by the film being told in flashback to what appeared to be the 50’s. The first half of the film left me wondering why this film is rated 18 and why is it so slow? The second half left me certainly justified the rating.

Even now, I still feel uncertain about the film. I certainly can’t say I enjoyed the film as the abuse the girls suffer from is awful. I certainly won’t watch it again but that seems to suggest the film has failed. The film is certainly not a failure, I just wouldn’t want to put myself through watching it again.

After watching the film, I did a little search on wikipedia and sprinkled a pinch of salt over what I had read. The film does suggest it is based on true events. It seems the film is based on a book about true events. Certain elements of what happened is different to what is portrayed in the film. Not sure if this is because it is being faithful to the book rather than the truth. It is depressing to know what happened in the film has broadly happened.

Not show how we found the film in the thriller section. I felt in no way thrilled by watching this film.

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