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19 Feb

Warm Bodies

Had an infrequent grown up trip to the cinema recently. Missed the chance to see Argo so it was a bit of a discussion to find something we both liked the look of. We eventually opted for Warm Bodies.

The film deals with the consequences of a zombie outbreak. Humanity seems to have found a way to survive and the zombies don’t show any signs of staging a massive attack. Each to there own. One of the zombies seems to have retained a spark of his humanity and he starts to do some very unusual things for a zombie.

I am not sure if this should go in the rom-zom-com genre along with Shaun of the Dead. It certainly has elements of each but not enough of each. Not scary, romantic or funny enough to be considered as a horror, romance or a comedy. In a similar way, Zombieland has zombies in it, but I don’t see it as a zombie film but more of a road movie.

The film was certainly an enjoyable film, i did laugh a few times. The film added to zombie lore with the addition of “skeletons”, a more advanced state of zombie which somehow moves at the same kind of pace as a human running. No explanation why the standard zombie moves so slowly when skeletons move so quick but it doesn’t need a reason. A zombie film can fall apart if you try to make sense of it.

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