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09 Mar

Never let me go

Watched this movie last night. Wanted to watch it for a while as I had heard good reviews for it.

Plot revolves around the lives of children raised in what appears to be a boarding school. The film roughly begins when the main characters are about 8 and follow them through to adulthood. With regards to the plot, something happens about 25 minutes into the film that changes the direction of the film. I did hear what this development was during one review. Not sure if it ruined my experience of the film knowing this or not. As it happens quite early in the film, I can understand that it might not be described as a spoiler. To be safe, I won’t say what happens but it does significantly alter how you view the events in the film.

I was really impressed with the performances by the three main characters. Everyone gave a good subtle performance which only gave to highlight the unsettling nature of the plot. I had watched Carey Mulligan in An Education. Really enjoyed her in that as well as Drive. Likewise, Andrew Garfield was really good.

The film can be described as a slow burner. No car chases or guns. The film has an idea and the whole film buys into that idea. You can see how the idea has influenced every part of the film. I don’t think this is the kind of film where if you don’t like the central premise, you can still enjoy other elements of the film. If you accept the premise, there is much to like about this film.

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