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10 Mar

12.10 to 13.04?

I have been a long term Ubuntu user. I initially started using Linux from buying a boxed edition of Mandrake then migrating to boxed editions of SUSE. I never really felt 100% at home with any distro until Ubuntu. In hindsight, this might have been due to various elements still needing work e.g. audio and graphics and by the time I started using Ubuntu, these issues had virtually been fixed. So if I had a bit more patience, I could be a openSUSE user now.

As it is getting closer to April, the next Ubuntu release is being prepared for release. Another edition, another change to Unity and seemingly another Shuttleworth induced firestorm. X is an old system. It was updated by the transition from X11 to The underlying system is starting to creak, hence the development of Wayland, a graphics system to support modern graphics and modern devices e.g. phones, tablets etc. Now Ubuntu have announced the development of Mir, an alternative to Wayland. I will be the first to admit that I don’t follow every nuance of Linix or Ubuntu development. Nor do I hang onto every word Shuttleworth, Torvalds or Stillman utters. What I care about is a system I can use and one that works.

Since the Unity has displaced the gnome environment, I have been enjoying using Ubuntu less and less. I know that I could have tried harder to get to grips with configuring Unity a bit better than the default. Looking at a recent screenshot of another Ubuntu user, I felt a slight sense of awe, Unity can be better. Ultimately, I still don’t think Unity is a better environment than Gnome 2. I am aware of various backports but that isn’t really a long term option.

I caught wondering whether 13.04 is the upgrade to far away from what I want to use. The problem I have is that I am not the only user. My wife has been using the Ubuntu for quite so time now. Therefore any distro hopping may not go down too well. I am considering Debian. I now it isn’t cutting edge, but it works. I would have a system that would broadly by the same as to what I am currently using as Ubuntu is Debian based. I won’t get the kind of polish Ubuntu has, but I am starting to think function over form.

I suppose I will wait until 13.04 has hit the mirrors, wait a month to see what gets broken and then use virtual box to take it and the latest Debian for a spin. At least I have a separate home partition so distro hopping isn’t too painful.

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