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03 Jul

Wreck it Ralph

Been a while since I have done any reviews so this is going to be a bit of a splurge!

Wreck it Ralph was part of a family trip out. I always worry about the “family film” choice as it is very difficult to make a film that children and adults can fully enjoy rather than just tolerate. This isn’t up there with the finest Pixar moments but it certainly delivered across the family.

The film is set within the world of computer games. The characters within the games are actually real and have a life when the game ends. In some ways, it is a variation of Toy Story, where common objects come to life. I felt the main distinction between these two plot devices is that Toy Story never felt constrained by the plot. Wreck it Ralph finds itself limited by its plot, especially when most of the action takes place within one game. Given the opportunity to move between games, I expected more movement between games.

Once again with recent animations, the voice is excellent. John C Reilly is really good at playing the tormented Ralph character. Sarah Silverman plays a very sparky character. I wouldn’t consider most of the cast as A list stars but each voice is perfect for the character in question. The perfect example of this is the casting of Jane Lynch as a hard nose solider.

This is going to be a film I will end up watching a few times and I won’t mind at all.

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