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20 Jul

We Need To Talk About Kevin

This is one of those films where I heard good things about it, wanted to see it but it took a while to get around to seeing it. I knew the film was going to be a tough watch so thought it might be difficult to convince my wife to watch it. In the end, my wife was the one who made the suggestion to watch it.

The film deals with the aftermath of an event. The precise details of the event are not shown in detail but it does give you enough to get an idea of what happens. The actual event is strangely unimportant as the film is more concerned with the consequences of the event. The main character is played by Tilda Swinton. Once again she gives great performance. This is certainly a film that benefits from actors that can provided a nuanced performance.

The film is certainly not something that is going to put a smile on your face. Despite the grim tone of the film, I did enjoy the film. John C Reily plays one of his straight roles but allows himself to be overshadows by Tilda and Ezra Miller who plays Kevin. This does allow the mother son dynamic to become the heart of the film. It’s a shame a quality film like this doesn’t get the box office it deserves to get.

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