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01 Feb

Parkrun Pacer event drove me to a PB…. just

The morning of the pacer event, I was still uncertain which pacer to follow. Do I follow the 26 minute man and safely hit a PB or really push myself and try to follow the 24 minute man? Left the house for the event and it was raining with a side order of cold wind…

The weather suggested that the 26 minute mark might be the best bet after all, considering the conditions. Had a few slices of toast and a cuppa to fuel up. Not sure in hindsight if I left it too late but didn’t feel any adverse consequences whilst running.

I always struggle to find my pace at the start of a parkrun, mainly due to the numbers of people involved. I started mid pack and tried to follow the 26 marker. Took a while to find him. At this point, I felt fairly good and started to regret not trying to follow the 24 marker. The weather had eased up as well. I felt so good, I overtook my target marker. I thought I was running really well.

The first climb went okay. I thought I adjusted my pace okay. After the climb, the 26 marker passed me and I tried to match his pace. This worked fine for a bit and I slowly started to drop back. I was convinced he was running at a faster pace than 26 minutes. On the second lap, I gave up thinking I could keep up with. My legs started to feel heavy and I started to feel that finishing below 30 was going to be hard. I tried to keep things on an even keel, knowing that my last two runs were real struggles.

I noticed my time on the start of the last lap, a PB was still possible, IF I kept up a decent pace. I tried to maintain my pace, even though I let myself walk a little up the climb as I took off my jacket. Checked my watch again, PB still possible though wasn’t 100% sure as I didn’t know how far I had to run to the finish line. Got to the bottom of the hill with the finishing straight to go. I increased my pace to try and scrape a PB. And then forgot to stop my timer…. I felt confident I had a new PB from the looking at my time prior to finishing. I was just surprised that feeling so bad on the last lap still led to a new PB. Official time had me setting a new PB by over 10 seconds. I think I need to do some speed work over the next few weeks to try and get a better tolerance for quicker paces.

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