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03 Feb

Evening or morning running?….

When I am away from home, I have tended to have an early run. I have found a nice little 6 km route. The last two morning runs have been a real struggle. Not sure if this has been due to me starting the run so quickly after waking up or something else.

Got to the hotel last night and did a late night run in order to have a lie in today. Run went far better than the morning runs. Wasn’t perfect but it was in sub zero temperatures. I will see if u can fit some evening runs and better prepared morning runs to see which works better and which fits better into my life.

The Strava trial is looking good at the moment. Data from Parkrun was impressive. Downside is that Strava does not link to my watch so monitoring mid run is a little harder. Could try the audio alerts to headphones but this will impact on podcasts…

I will have a ponder on the pros and cons of Strava.

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