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08 Feb

Parkrun with my son

My son joined me for his first Parkrun this weekend. We have done a few runs togther to see if he could do the distance. I was confident that he would be okay completing the course with a little combination of running/walking.

The only thing I didn’t expect was the sheer number of people supporting my son as he ran around. I have done a few Parkruns now and each time there was a considerable amount of support for everyone running. Running with my son, I was blown away by the support. The Parkrun community is so supportive of all runners, whether they are pushing course limits or their own personal limits.

There were so many people cheering on my son on the home straight, he tried as fast as he could to the finish line. He put everything he had into a fast finish. When he worked out the finish line was actually 20 meters further on, he was certainly surprised!!! When we finally crossed the line, I was so busy hugging my son, I forgot to stop my timer. I can’t remember being prouder of my son.

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