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22 Feb

Double run

Had a little family run first thing in the morning. Hoped to run/walk around 5km with them. It was abandoned at around 3km due to the need for a loo break (Even though the loo wasn’t actually used when we got home…). So I went for a solo run by myself straight after. I figured the little 3km would do as a good warm up.

I went along a route I have used a few times now at a nice slow pace. I hoped to have a large run. Started to get some tightness in my right knee so kept doing a little stretch here and a little walk there. Still went for an even longer route than I would normally do and ultimately, I really began to suffer. It did become more walking and stretching than running.

In hindsight, I think my eagerness to go out on my own was my downfall. I didn’t do a good stretch of everything before I did my run and it caught up with me. The longer route was a change. I can see changes I can make on the homeward leg to increase the distance for the future.

I think I will file this run under promising but painful.

Listening to the Serial podcast really kept me going.

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