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28 Mar

Back to basics…

Have taken a few weeks of from running as I seemed to have a really stubborn cold. Did a Junior Parkrun with my son, partly to see what a Junior run was like and partly to got some fresh air. Found a good, flat course and it was only 1 and a half laps.

Having moved over to Strava for running as well as cycling, I have began to miss something I had working with MapMyRun. I have a Casio STB-1000 watch which can link to my phone and act as a start/stop for recording workouts as well as providing real time information e.g. pace. The Strava app does not connect up with this watch to provide this functionality. There are watches to provide this functionality for Strava but I don’t want to get another exercise watch and the Casio was a present.

Have eventually found a work around. I already have a Wahoo heart rate monitor so had installed the Wahoo app already. After doing a little searching, the Wahoo app can link to the watch and also link to Strava. My first attempt failed as I assumed that saving a workout would auto upload to Strava. This isn’t the case, you have to manually send the workout to Strava. Once the workout is uploaded, it’s appears just like any other Strava workout. This has been a great way to monitor myself as I get back into the swing of things. I did a 10km and ran really well.

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