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27 Jun

I think I am becoming a real runner……

I have had some ups and downs over the last few months with my running. I have managed to run further than I ever have before. I have even pushed this out further a few times. I now feel comfortable about doing a half marathon. Speed hasn’t changed much though. Parkrun oh hasn’t improved.

My recent objective was stage 1 of Cotswold Relay. This was the driver for the longer runs as I had never run that far before. Road distances don’t equal trail distances though. Did a recce of the route and I suffered. Weather was wet and I struggled on the course. Spent several sections walking.  As a consequence, I tried a backpack. Every run since has been a knight are. I think the problems with the early runs was the use of a cotton t shirt causing overheating/excessive sweating.  Then tried a vest but rubbing became a problem. Last test run was a Parkrun and did over thirty minutes. I really had to drag myself around.  Current feeling is that the extra weight is tipping me over the edge.

Today was Stage 1. And it made me feel like a real runner. Wasn’t particularly fast. Still walked parts. But I smashed the time on the recce and felt I had something left in the tank. I challenged myself by talking on a distance I had never run before. And off road. And I succeeded. I feel that I can run distances that REAL runners run.

I have become a real runner. Not a fast one though. But a happy one. Next challenge is running faster!

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