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04 Jul

Strangely disappointed…..

Went for a run last night, aiming for a 10km route. Started well so kept my pace high as I felt good and looked to beat my 10km PB. After about 4km, was dead on my legs. In the end, I walked home with some shaky legs.

When I woke up this morning for Parkrun, I was concerned about whether I could do it or not after last night. Started off at a steady pace. Felt good so continued at the same pace as it would put me in PB territory.  Felt good until the last km when my body said enough is enough. So I just cruised to the finish straight before I gave it a final kick. Last km was 40 seconds off my average. If I had maintained my pace, would probably have ducked into sub 25 minutes. As it stands, finished with my second fastest time. But it still felt disappointing. Which is strange considering it was a great result. 

Think my problem lies in the heat as all of my recent troubles were in raised temperatures.

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