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05 Jul

At last!!!!

I have been trying to run with a back pack. I have bought a Camelback Octane for use when running. I already own a larger camelbak for cycling but is seems to large for running.  This bag has several pockets to store things but not enough space to store too many things which would make the bag too heavy.

Up until now. Every attempt to use the pack so far has been disastrous. I must stress that it is nothing to do with the bag, I have had to give up running and walk home.  Have had various theories as to the cause of the problem. Current theory is that I was overheating either as a result of the ambient temperature or pushed myself too hard too quick.

Tonight, I aimed to just go at a steady pace. Temperature had dropped so should be able to complete the run. Ended up running slower than I hoped but basically kept running till I reached home. Glad I have finally got a good run with the back pack under my belt. The bag felt good though I may need to have another look at the straps to make sure it fits like a glove. Not sure if the flow from the reservoir when it is getting low is ideal, seemed to get a lot of air even though I felt I still had enough drink left. Will keep trying now I know I can run with it.

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