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05 Aug

Ant Man

This film was originally being developed by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. For what ever reason, they left the project. I was intrigued what would be left in the final film from their initial work. After seeing the film, I think there is significant elements that remain.

Without doubt, this is the funniest Marvel released yet. Maybe it is due to the talent of Paul Rudd or the script. It just fits together and works.

The story is fairly simple but origin stories rarely stray into complex plots. Unusually for a Marvel film, it feels almost outside of the Marvel universe. The references to the other elements of the universe don’t play an integral part of the plot so could easily be removed. for instance, there is a line about contacting the Avengers. In the scene, this line is serious but could easily have been changed to contacting the Power Rangers for comic effect.

The effects used to capture the small scale world are effective. You do get the feel that Ant man has shrunk to the size of an ant.

Can’t wait to buy this film and watch again. And again. And again.

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