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29 Aug

Downs and ups

Been doing a lot of walking this last week. Have tried to do a good distance run in the evening and have died on my legs. I suspect my energy reserves were exhausted by the walking and I couldn’t replenish by the time of the run. Strangely, these runs told me a lot about myself as I kept trying to drag myself around. I certainly have a lot more drive now then when I started running.

Headed towards Parkrun today with some uncertainty. Will it be another bad run or a crack at a PB? Have got a rough timeline for my Parkrun PB’s so I know what kind of time for each km. Tried to follow someone running at my  pace and found a few candidates. On the last lap, it seemed I was slipping back so I took my foot off a bit. Looked at the timings and felt a decent time was still possible. Got my sums wrong but also underestimated how long it would take to finish. Sprint finish to the line and got another PB.

It seems strange to get a PB after such a bad week of running. But is also felt a bit weird getting the PB knowing I still had something left in the tank. Does mean I am making some progress though not sure if it will be beneficial progress for a half marathon.

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