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29 Dec


Finally got round to watching Westworld last night, the movie from 1973, not the TV show. I think this is one of the few films where I have watched the sequel, Futreworld, before I watched the first film.

The film was surprisingly short, a whisker under 90 minutes. Knowingly the plot of the film, a theme park that goes wrong, I kept pre-empting the point where the film turns. I kept wondering is the scene where things turn? For a film this pivotal in Sci-fi, I was surprised at how little I knew about it. With the writer and director being Michael Crichton, it wasn’t really a surprise that theme park going wrong would turn up elsewhere i.e. Jurassic Park. wondering if the realistic androids also influenced the Battlestar Galactica reboot TV series or the Terminator film series.

I suppose I came to this film with a level of expectation that might have marred my enjoyment of it. That sounds like I didn’t enjoy it, I did. I wasn’t blown away by it. I do think the film got quite a few things right with the tools available at the time. I do think blood effects from films in the 70’s always come across as being red paint and this was no exception.

I think it’s a film to tick off as being watched rather than something to re-watch again sometime in the future.

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