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30 Mar


Had my knee checked out today. Got a diagnosis and I can start running again! Will still need treatment for a few weeks but I have an explanation for what is going on and a route back to a normal knee. A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Strange how such a small […]

29 Mar

Changing expectations

I recently re-watched Easy-A. I enjoyed the performance by Emma Stone just as much as first time round. The problem was Penn Badgley. I don’t think his performance is worse second time round. My problem is that I have watched You. Every time I saw sweet Woodchuck Todd, I kept seeing Joe Goldberg. I fully […]

28 Mar

Old dog learning new tricks

When I left my left job, I bought myself a basic electric guitar. With everything going on, or not going on, I’m picking it up and spending some time playing it. I think previously, I tried to go for the big things. This time, I am trying to learn some basic things so I can […]

25 Mar

Poor little knee

I am currently not running. Boo hoo. I believe I have patellar tendonitis. My symptoms seem to match. I am taking it very easy and trying hard to take it easy. Hopefully it is the kind of thing that with a sustained bit of rest, it will be okay. thankfully with everything else going on, […]

24 Mar

Looks like it worked…

Have moved the database and upgrade the database to a higher version. Appears to be no adverse effect. Phew!

24 Mar

Time for a database upgrade…

About to upgrade the database. Fingers crossed I don’t lose all the posts…..

24 Mar

Did it!

Have been around with python and I hit a stumbling block just before Christmas. Last night I finally worked out what the problem was and it was as simple as the formatting of the message I was creating. I initially created my text file as a long string then I tried it with \r\n after […]

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