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29 Mar

Changing expectations

I recently re-watched Easy-A. I enjoyed the performance by Emma Stone just as much as first time round. The problem was Penn Badgley. I don’t think his performance is worse second time round. My problem is that I have watched You. Every time I saw sweet Woodchuck Todd, I kept seeing Joe Goldberg. I fully accept that this is my problem and not a problem with the film. I didn’t see Phoebe whenever I saw Lisa Kudrow. Maybe that is because I had seen her in The opposite of sex, a very un-Phoebe like character.

I’m not sure what it is about the performance of an actor in one show carries over into another. It doesn’t what Tilda Swinton film I’m watching, I always she her as a new person. It might be that almost every Tilda film role is markedly different to all the others, whereas Woodchuck Todd had the nice guy character that Joe Goldberg would sometimes display. But Al Pacino seems to play the same intense character in almost all of his films but I don’t feel get the same reaction as I did re-watching Penn. So what is the reason?

The only thing I can think of is expectations. With Al Pacino, I know I’m going to get Al Pacino in almost every film so I just go with it. When I first watched Easy A, I didn’t know who Penn Badgley was. By the time I watched You, I had forgotten he was in Easy A. So when I watched Easy for the second time, I brought two seasons of You preconceptions about Penn with me.

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