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08 Apr


Host is not to be confused with The Host or any other film with a similar name. Host is all about an online seance done via Zoom. The entire film is done like a Zoom call with the appropriate borders around the edge of the screen. Seems the entire film was actually shot via Zoom during lockdown. At less than 1 hour long, this film flies by and manages to pack in more scares in its short run time compared to longer horror films.

As it involves a seance, there is an element of predictably about what happens. It isn’t a great surprise when things go wrong. Camping trip goes wrong also seems a predictable story but has produced a wide variety of enjoyable films. Host certainly does a great job of delivering on the scares. As well as delivering on the scares, it also does a great job on delivering a realistic Zoom experience. Not sure this would translate well to a big screen. Certainly worked on a TV.

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