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18 Apr


Cocktail was one of the first films I managed to watch by myself. Catching the bus to the local cinema and managed to pass for 15. Perfect fodder for a child. How well does it hold up watching it 30 years later? For a start, thirty years? Blimey. I think it is fair to say that Tom Cruise has had a long career and has constantly pulled in box office. I think Eyes Wide Shut and maybe Vanilla Sky are about the only misses I can think of. I personally didn’t think Vanilla Sky was a bad film.

Cocktail does feel like the exact same film as when I watched it all those years ago. Don’t remember seeing anything too jarring. When I watched Lethal Weapon a while ago, I did slightly cringe at the size of the mobile phone. I suppose these technological changes will trip up most films from the 80’s and 90’s. As Cocktail is just a simple love story, it would still work if it was filmed now.

It is one of the few Bryan Brown films I can remember seeing. The others being F/X and the sequel. I liked his performance then and now.

About the only odd thing re-watching this film was seeing the crowded bar sequences. Feels so alien being so close to so many people. I wonder how long it will take for being near people will seem normal again?

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