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19 Apr

The colour of money

Growing up, this was one of my favourite films ever. I suspect it caught me at a sweet spot in my life as I realise not very many people share the same feeling about this film. I think I have been scared to re-watch this film as it might not live up to my expectations. Having watched it again for the first in maybe twenty years, I still love it!

I think this would have been the first time I have watched the film on a big screen with a decent quality of film. I think the version I kept watching growing up was a VHS. Oddly, I never noticed that Vincent had an earring!

I think every actor in this film delivers on their role, from Tom Cruise being the annoying Vincent all the way through to Paul Newman re-discovering his love of the game. I love the subtly of the performance of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, starting the film as a cocky girl friend before quickly realising she is out of her depth, then quickly learning the ropes of the con.

After watching the film, I read up a little about it on IMDB, seems critics didn’t love it as much as me. Still on my all time top ten list!.

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