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25 Feb

Mazda 2

I have seen the advert for the Mazda 2 on the telly for a while now and have not been impressed.  But today I saw it on the big screen.  It has a really different feel to it.  As the advert has a lot of black in the advert, it really fits in within a […]

25 Feb


I don’t mean the new feature on Jo Whiley, I mean the new diet coke advert.  What is this advert about?  I don’t understand what they are trying to tell me.  I see no compeling connection between product and advert.

15 Nov

R Whites Lemonade

I talked about this advert recently and needed to have a link to it.

15 Nov

KitKat Senses

I think this advert is wrong is a simple level.  All adverts ask us to suspend belief to a certain extent but this advert asks us to stretch things a bit too far.  I am willing to accept that people put the world on hold when they have their KitKat.  It is another thing to […]

15 Nov

New Barclaycard advert

I like the look of the new advert but it doesn’t really sell Barclaycard and contactless payment to me.  I wonder if I still like it later on or if it will be part of a longer campaign.

26 May

Puppett advert is an example of some puppett work ( I hope!!)

19 May

Cadbury airport advert

Not as good as the gorilla.

07 Apr

Peugeot 207 advert

Now this advert is wrong.  The car may be a fine drive etc and I am guessing that was what the ad execs said when they did the presentation.  It’s not what I saw.  I saw Peugeot, we do crap GPS!!!!  If the car company can’t get GPS right, why should trust them on a […]

14 Nov

Nokia 6500 Classic ad

This ad troubles me. Not in “I’m scared!!” kind of trouble but what were the ad agency thinking! The premise of the ad is that a phone is handed in, an announcement is made that this phone has been handed in and LOADS of people come to collect it. Problem 1. If the phone is […]

20 Oct

New Sony Bravia advert

Ugly Betty has started up again on Channel 4 the other week.  I mentioned this to a friend and she told me to look at for the rabbits during the first advert break. This is what she meant and is another good advert.

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