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14 Apr

Holiday trip

Off to Portchester Castle today. Looking forward to seeing it again. Haven’t been there since I was little.

15 Aug

When zombies attack…

Every now and again, I worry about zombies. I worry about how I should protect my family from the inevitable zombie attack…  It seems that I am not the only person worried by the prospect of zombie attack.  Wired is carrying an article about the mathematics of a zombie outbreak.  The orginal research can be […]

26 May

Shame on you!!

I saw this story on /. and thought oh no…  Alton towers is a great day out but if they start doing things like this, well, I will take my custom elsewhere.  Why should THEY tell me how to enjoy myself?  Considering what PDA can do, they can still be family friendly e.g. looking at […]

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