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19 Feb

Warm Bodies

Had an infrequent grown up trip to the cinema recently. Missed the chance to see Argo so it was a bit of a discussion to find something we both liked the look of. We eventually opted for Warm Bodies. The film deals with the consequences of a zombie outbreak. Humanity seems to have found a […]

06 Feb

The Girl Next Door

After a variety of recent films, I suggested we watch a thriller next and my wife picked this film. Hmmmm. This film is awful, truly awful. But it isn’t a bad film. I don’t know what words to use to describe this film. This film unsettled me far more than Kill List. I suppose Kill […]

03 Feb

The Other Guys

At a loss to watch, we decided to watch The Other Guys. We watched Blades of Glory and enjoyed its silliness. As my wife mentioned she likes Will Ferrell, I thought this film might go down quite well. The film is about the not so successful cops. The two cops in question are not quite […]

02 Feb

Last house on the left 1972

Managed to convince my wife to watch Last house on the left. We watched the original rather than the remake. I wanted to watch it due to its reputation from the video nasty era. One of the things that Mark Kermode has mentioned about viewing an old film is to view in context of the […]

02 Feb

What to expect when you’re expecting

Watched this film last night. Loads of people from other films are in but not something I would call an All star cast though. With this kind of cast, I expect people to play around with their image. For example the way Jennifer Anniston played against type in Horrible Bosses or Tom CruiseTom Cruise in […]

02 May

Avengers Assemble

Met up with old work colleagues last night, had a meal then went to the movies. We went to mindless violence, Avengers, and did enjoy it. Was surprised by how many times I laughed at this “action”. Think I laughed more time at this than some proper comedies. Watched the movie at a CInema De […]

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