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29 Sep

Creepy cartoons

Another site found via stumble,  this one is a collection of strange and slightly creepy cartoons, twisting a familiar theme.

29 Aug

The front fell off

Some people are stupid. Then there are some people who are REALLY stupid.  And then there are politicians…. I find the link on stumble.

28 Jun

Best Craigslist Music Ad Ever?

I saw this on twitter.  Needs a wider audience…..

07 Feb

Funny videos

Bad driving Optical illusion girlfriend

06 Jan

Apple fan boys Part 2…

24 Aug

Church of the Red Breast

Now I expect everone has recieved a 419 email but maybe just not know.  It is also known as advanced fee fraud.  I have heard that some people like to string these scammers along e.g. I recently heard of a great story where the scammer actually ended up paying money and sending a daft […]

30 Jul


The internet is a wonderful place for gaining knowledge, like this handy guide.

16 Apr

Guy Dresses Like a DJ to Sneak Into Clubs for Free All in the title, though I hope it works better for you than it did for me in the tea room.

01 Dec

It amused me…

01 Oct

Cadbury advert

Now this advert is ggggrrrrrreat! But I have no idea why! Unlike the vodafone advert which is also a great concept, though I hate the connection with a mobile phone, I don’t mind the connection to chocolate. It may that the vodafone advert is trying to be aspirational with the breaking theme, whereas the Cadbury […]

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