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10 Mar

12.10 to 13.04?

I have been a long term Ubuntu user. I initially started using Linux from buying a boxed edition of Mandrake then migrating to boxed editions of SUSE. I never really felt 100% at home with any distro until Ubuntu. In hindsight, this might have been due to various elements still needing work e.g. audio and […]

17 Jan

German Government warning

It comes to something when a large government speaks out against the security of a Microsoft product.  Is it part of some posturing in order to get a better deal on their software?  I think maybe not as the Germans have made a large migration to Linux systems.  This stance may be as a result […]

14 Nov

Karmic issues….fixed!

After flirting with various other linux distros, I returned to karmic and found a whole heap of new problems…..  But I posted to the forums and I have with the assistance of hlep from the forums, fixed them!!!!  Thats one nil to the community!

27 Feb

The Jackalope is coming…

Thursday 23rd April 2009

06 Apr

Good and bad

I was recently reading Linux Format, which had an article about Google donating a shed load of money to get Photoshop to work on linux using the wine project.  If you have heard, it seems a few sites have something to say. This got me wondering.  Google has done a lot of good things but […]

13 Jan

Warning on stealthy Windows virus

Must ….fight….the….urge…….to….gloat….

13 Nov

Asus Eee PC 701

How cool is this? Noticed it had been released whilst looking at laptops at Dabs for a friend.  Must admit that I am seriously thinking about it as it seems to be a good buy for what I would use it for, e.g. simple text based stuff and maybe browsing ‘tinternet.

23 Oct


As the upgrade to Gutsy was so successful and I have Compiz working fine on my main PC, I thought I would give it a go on my laptop….. Lots of huffing and puffing with the various options and not a glint of cube goodness… Seems that I have a fairly poor driver loaded and […]

21 Oct

Gutsy upgrade update

The update is finished and appears so far to be problem free. There were loads of “Do you want to keep xxxxxx or replace with the maintainers file?”. As far as i know, I have only ever changed my bash profile and my php.ini file. So no real issue. On start up, I did notice […]

20 Oct

Upgrade update

It seems that the reason for my large update is that my laptop runs ubuntu AND kubuntu, so it needs to update kde and gnome.

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