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29 Mar

Changing expectations

I recently re-watched Easy-A. I enjoyed the performance by Emma Stone just as much as first time round. The problem was Penn Badgley. I don’t think his performance is worse second time round. My problem is that I have watched You. Every time I saw sweet Woodchuck Todd, I kept seeing Joe Goldberg. I fully […]

21 Dec

Christmas movies

It has become a tradition with my family to watch various Christmas movies over the course of December to get us into the festive spirit. We normally do the standard Christmas staples, like Elf and Home Alone as well as trying to find something fresh. Re-watched Dock the Halls with my son this year as […]

04 Feb


Saw Kingsman last night. What a fun film! The set up is that there is a secret service of gentleman undertaking various missions and they are looking for a new recruit. One of the people picked to go through the recruitment process is a troubled lad living with a dodgy step father figure. Overall, the […]

31 Jan

Alternative movies

Love this page!

27 Jun

What I have learnt from movies

After a casual chat a work, we ended up talking about the various things we have learnt from films.  We came up with loads of general lessons, e.g. don’t explore strange places.  I did a quick search and set up a new site and wiki to document these lessons which is available at: Please […]

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