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10 Mar

12.10 to 13.04?

I have been a long term Ubuntu user. I initially started using Linux from buying a boxed edition of Mandrake then migrating to boxed editions of SUSE. I never really felt 100% at home with any distro until Ubuntu. In hindsight, this might have been due to various elements still needing work e.g. audio and […]

17 Jan

German Government warning

It comes to something when a large government speaks out against the security of a Microsoft product.  Is it part of some posturing in order to get a better deal on their software?  I think maybe not as the Germans have made a large migration to Linux systems.  This stance may be as a result […]

14 Nov

Karmic issues….fixed!

After flirting with various other linux distros, I returned to karmic and found a whole heap of new problems…..  But I posted to the forums and I have with the assistance of hlep from the forums, fixed them!!!!  Thats one nil to the community!

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