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08 Oct

100th parkrun

Note: I started writing this in 2017 and never got round to finishing it. I have now made it past 160 and still in love with parkrun. Better late than never! I have been running for about 3 and a half years. When I started, 1 mile was a struggle and left me with a […]

16 Jan

Big parkrun day

My local parkrun celebrated their 100th parkrun today. So glad to be part of such a good thing.  Ran the 5km in a suit as it was a black tie/tiara themed day. Leg felt fine so it’s onwards to the Riverbank Rollick tomorrow. 9 miles of cold cross country…..

11 Sep

Home stretch…

Getting close to my first half marathon. Tried the get a decent run in last Sunday and again failed. Confidence for this weekend was low. Club night on Thursday was looking like a chance for redemption. But would it fit in with tapering? Discussed the proposed plan for the run with two guys from the […]

29 Aug

Downs and ups

Been doing a lot of walking this last week. Have tried to do a good distance run in the evening and have died on my legs. I suspect my energy reserves were exhausted by the walking and I couldn’t replenish by the time of the run. Strangely, these runs told me a lot about myself […]

01 Aug

Good week at Parkrun

Spent this morning doing some stretches in preparation for Parkrun. And avoided the chippie tea the night before! There is a guy at my local Parkrun who consistently runs sub 25 so my plan was to follow him as close as I could. Was getting worried at the start line as I couldn’t see him. […]

01 Aug

Bad week at the Parkrun

Did the Cardiff Parkrun last week. I looked at the course and it was flat so was hoping for a PB. The sheer number of people doing the run was amazing. Made it difficult to get going at a steady pace at the start. When I finally managed to get some clear space, I started […]

26 Jul

Good weekend

Last wekkend was good. The Friday started with the purchase of some new shoes from easy runner. Later that day, did the GWR Towpath 10Km. I was thinking about test driving the new shoes but decided to use my old ones in the towpath was really muddy. Run went really well. Made a small mistake […]

04 Jul

Strangely disappointed…..

Went for a run last night, aiming for a 10km route. Started well so kept my pace high as I felt good and looked to beat my 10km PB. After about 4km, was dead on my legs. In the end, I walked home with some shaky legs. When I woke up this morning for Parkrun, […]

28 Mar

Back to basics…

Have taken a few weeks of from running as I seemed to have a really stubborn cold. Did a Junior Parkrun with my son, partly to see what a Junior run was like and partly to got some fresh air. Found a good, flat course and it was only 1 and a half laps. Having […]

28 Feb

Running struggles

Went for an early morning run this week. Went out way too fast and never recovered and ended up finishing after only 3km. Not sure if this was all down to the fast start or part of my early morning running struggles. Still have yet to do a decent run in a while now. Hope […]

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