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21 Dec

Year draws to a close

Has been a bit of a learning year for me on various levels this year. Have fallen short of my running target for the year and haven’t really improved. Too little running and too little focus have been my big problems. Have managed to do two more ultras this year and knocked over 30 minutes […]

01 Aug

Good week at Parkrun

Spent this morning doing some stretches in preparation for Parkrun. And avoided the chippie tea the night before! There is a guy at my local Parkrun who consistently runs sub 25 so my plan was to follow him as close as I could. Was getting worried at the start line as I couldn’t see him. […]

01 Feb

Parkrun Pacer event drove me to a PB…. just

The morning of the pacer event, I was still uncertain which pacer to follow. Do I follow the 26 minute man and safely hit a PB or really push myself and try to follow the 24 minute man? Left the house for the event and it was raining with a side order of cold wind… […]

30 Jan

Parkrun pacer event

I hope to run my first paced Parkrun this weekend. I am currently torn about which pace to go for. My PB for the course is 27 minutes but didn’t really push myself. I think I can easily hit the 26 minutes target. Not sure if I should really push myself and aim for 24 […]

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